It is Decided

I’m working from home today. It’s the Christmas Eve, it’s cold out, but not cold enough for snow and I can’t decide if I’m happy it’s not snowing or if I’m bummed. I was dreaming of a White Christmas… in theory, maybe. Whatever. The point is, I’m working from home today. I have an article to write for The Gottman Blog as well as some other items on my agenda before I can officially waltz into the glory of love and presents waiting for me tomorrow.

I kept wondering to myself, “What should I do today to get in the spirit?” since it’s just me + Patronus all day until Jesse gets home from work. Then, I looked at my Instagram, and I saw this photo…

It was decided. Today, I will watch the Harry Potter Blu-Rays I was given for Hanukkah. Life is so good, man. I think I’ll also bake and cook, because Christmas doesn’t count unless there’s cookies. Happy Christmas Eve, you filthy animals.


We had a really busy weekend. Turns out, you can’t just order a stormtrooper costume and be done with it. The assembly is an arduous and timely process. There will be injuries, the cat will be baffled by the mess, and your friends will all be concerned about you making it to the costume party on time.

You won’t make it on time, but you’ll look really awesome!

Jesse has been talking about this costume and his Audi purchases since we started dating. It’s kind of cool to watch your partner work hard enough to get the things they have lusted after for so long. Watching Jesse’s eye light up as he assembled his costume was worth all the headache it was to put together.

He deserved this beer after so much time spent assembling that darn outfit. If you guys can’t tell, I was Chewbacca. Yes, next year we will be dressing up as Harry Potter characters.

Psy and Shawn White were there.

As well as the rest of the gang!

We also discovered that with a little bit of practice, you can take a stormtrooper costume apart in two minutes!

All in all, a pretty good weekend!

Pumpkin Carving Party

I’ve been fortunate enough that Jesse carved out a space in a pretty awesome group of friends here in Seattle. Apparently, there’s this thing called the Seattle Freeze here (which I’ll talk about some other time), but we haven’t experienced that with these folks. Maybe it’s because most of them are also transplants, but everyone has been so friendly and welcoming, even to me as the new girl on the block. Especially this gal, she was quite the pumpkin carving buddy last night.

Last night was the 4th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party of this group of friends. In my head, I was picturing a couple of people just hacking away at orange orbs for a few hours and coming up with something halfway decent. Those are the pumpkin carving parties I’ve been to in the past. This party, was that party on steroids.

There were cookies, cupcakes, brews, and an entire tarp for 20+ people to sit and carve on. It was really impressive.

I got there with about 45 minutes left before the carving and the party was over. That was not enough time to carve Snape, which many of you suggested on Facebook yesterday. I have a pretty big soft spot in my heart for Snape, so I thought I’d make a tribute to him, but alas… I didn’t have the time he deserved. Instead, I did a Harry Potter tribute as fast as I could.

Can you guess what it is?

Last one.

There it is!

a broom, a snitch, and a scar

We had some seriously talented carvers at the party. This owl pumpkin won the grand prize! It’s Hedwig!

Here’s the rest.

Have a great weekend! Here’s a sneaky peek at what we’ll be up to…