Two Year Anniversary

The Case Files have been pushed to tomorrow because I felt like writing this post today. Deep breaths, you’ll all be OK.

We’ve been a busy bunch.

My first weekend in Seattle, we went to Tofino. This past weekend, Jesse and I celebrated two years of dating bliss. For our first anniversary, we went to San Fransisco, visited Sonoma and went wine tasting. So, we figured since we’re in an area known for wine this year, we might as well make it a tradition. Because of the chaos with graduating and moving, Jesse kindly planned the entire anniversary from start to finish. It was exciting because I love surprises and dates with Jesse. Two of my favorite things.

We went to Yakima, Washington. It’s about 2.5 hours southeast of Seattle.

It was really cool to drive through Washington and see all the lush greenery and then, boom, hit desert. I had no clue that the rest of Washington looked like that. I know it’s naive, but I just assumed everything up here was all green and rainforesty (yes, that’s a word). When I thought harder about it, of course it made sense that one side of the mountains was green and the other was dry. That’s like geography 101.

The first night we rolled in and got checked into The Orchard Inn Bed & Breakfast. If you ever go to Yakima for any reason and you need a place to stay, go here. Karen (who runs the B & B) is one of the nicest and friendliest people I’ve ever met. The rooms are cozy, the sheets are soft, the food is delicious, and it’s nestled in an orchard. You really feel like you’re in a tiny paradise when you drive in. Plus, when Karen found out it was our anniversary, she sweetly left us some of her husband’s homemade blackberry liqueur as a nightcap. It was delicious.

We headed out on the town and ended up at a bar with a pool table. No surprise since Jesse has picked up playing pool as a new hobby and it seemed like just the type of dive meant for us.

We got hungry pretty late and the only thing that was open was Mel’s Diner, a 24-hour throwback restaurant that looked like Denny’s weird cousin. Naturally, we got normal diner fare – milkshakes.

On Saturday, we woke up and hit the road towards Prosser, a town about 20 minutes east of Yakima with a whole row of vineyards called Merlot Road. Fancy. We slowly rolled through the row as the day got hotter (100 degrees in dry heat, I loved it) tasting mostly red wine. We rounded out our tasting with what ended up being our favorite tasting, Milbrandt Vineyards.

Milbrandt does seated tastings with each taster purchasing a flight of three wines for tasting (Jeez, do I write about tasting much? I’m just going to leave it. I’m feeling lazy. Enjoy my redundancy). Jesse got the Red flight and I got the Fusion flight. Turns out we probably would have been better off just getting one because we ended up being overwhelmed with choice. They were all so good, we ended up having to have them duke it out in a head-to-head battle royale. We ended up tasting and loving a new grape called Tempranillo. If you’re into trying new wines, give this grape a try. We loved every vineyard’s tempranillo.

We also went to the local vineyard + restaurant dubbed Wine O’Clock. The name sounded a bit cheesy, but I was willing to give it a shot. I’m glad I did because I ended up having some of the most delicious pizza of my life. Granted, that could have been the hunger and a little bit of the wine talking, but it was delicious nonetheless. Also, check out that sweet sign for group therapy.

We came back to Yakima and took a nap. All that pizza, wine, and heat had worn me out! The big event was in the evening. Jesse took us to a wine, beer, food, and jazz festival! It was so fun. The weather was just perfect, the sky was warm and hazy, and the company wasn’t too shabby either. 😉

I had a veggie dog that changed my life. Yes, it changed my life. From now on, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to consider having a veggie dog without pepper jelly and cream cheese. Don’t knock it until you try it. When you try it, come and thank me. I’ll be here saying, “I told you so.”

The next morning we sat around the table at The Orchard Inn, ate a nice and filling breakfast, chatted with the lovely Karen, hit up the Yakima Farmer’s Market, and then headed back home. Patronus seemed almost as tired as we were by the time we got home. Maybe that, or he was pissed we left in the first place. Hard to tell with him sometimes.

Yesterday was the “official” anniversary date (hence no post) and it ended up being delightful with even more surprises! Jesse brought home the most beautiful bouquet of giant head-sized sunflowers (my favorite) + Beecher’s mac n’ cheese. Yeah, I know I said we’re going vegan. It’s a process. Plus, things like decadent macaroni and cheese might just have to be a treat every once in a while. It was mind-blowing.

We went out for dinner then walked home and drank a bottle of wine from the Sonoma anniversary. Thank you to Jesse for a wonderful celebration and a fantastic two years. You’re my best friend, my favorite roommate, and the best guy this girl could have asked for. You’ve helped me make my dreams come true and you’re my tireless supporter of all my crazy ideas and weird quirks. Not to mention, you’re also quite easy on the eyes. It’s pretty awesome. I love you.



Daily Puppy

Puppy Frenchie! Jesse and I have a serious love of Frenchies and have agreed that we may add one to our family… one day… after we get a big dog. We’re thinking  of rescuing an Alaskan Malamute. Something that could eat us if it wanted. Moving on to the topic of today…

I take a lot of pictures. I’d say I’m pretty much an amateur iPhone photographer. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if I won an award for my picture skills.

I kid. In all seriousness though, I take a lot of pictures. Mainly because I’m on Instagram (follow me @jenbing!) and I’m slightly obsessed with it. I’m currently participating in #aprilphotoaday, which is fun.

Once my phone is open, I just take random photos of everything. I take pictures of things I don’t want to forget.

I take pictures or screenshots of messages I really believe in. I sent this one to Jesse a few days ago. I really thought nothing could express my love better.

I take pictures of things I think are cool or things I think I might want to add to a post. For example, I’m listening to the Harry Potter books again. I listen to books when I workout and it’s glorious. I just finished the Maze Runner trilogy and it was like I was working out for all the battles they went through in the book. Same with when I listened to the second and third Hunger Games book (I read the first one in print). It’s like working out except it’s fun because you’re on an adventure. If you don’t do this and you hate the gym, give the audiobook thing a try. I find I like dystopian or fantasy novels because I get really wrapped up in the plot. I don’t think it would be the same with a romance or a non-fiction book.

I also take picture of fun adventures. I took all of these when I went to Keel & Curley winery with my friend Sarah a few weeks ago. It was so fun and if you can buy the Sweet Blackberry Wine, do it. It set my soul on fire. Unfortunately, not too many out-of-state grocers carry these wines. Fortunately, some of them do. Holy moly, they are scrumptious. Hanging with one of my favorite people was supah fun, too. I used the app P&P Collage. I like it a lot!

Another app I’m excited about because it turned me from a seemingly amateur iPhone photographer into an iPhone Jedi Master photographer is Awesomize. It’s basically the same camera as what come with your iPhone, but with so much better stuff! Plus, it uploads directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. So you edit and upload in one app. It’s made my taxing life with a smartphone so much more streamlined. Plus, as it edits your photo it says hilarious things like this:

My other favorite was something like, “Collecting Unicorn Tears”.

As if I haven’t written about Harry Potter in this post enough, I want to share with you my glorious bookstore discovery.

I squealed and then promptly channeled Kreacher and hid it under my armpit walking around the store eyeing everyone suspiciously until I could make it to the register. You think it would be too dorky to read it with my Hermione wand?

Last but not least, actually probably first, is I’m done with half of my internship! I calculated my hours yesterday and I’m on track like a boss. I’m definitely going to graduate and then be on the road to hacking minds left and right. Not literally. That would be scary. Hacking in the whole computer sense. You get it.

So, I feel like this post was very erratic. Maybe it’s coffee being back in my life. Maybe it’s just my personality. I’m going to go with the latter. Anyway, I’m excited! I’m excited for the weekend. I’m excited the semester is over. I’m excited for Music Therapy at work today. I’m excited about it all.

What are you excited about today?

The Perfect Day

Chelle and I decided we were going to go the beach this weekend long before we realized it was Easter Sunday. Both of our families happen to live in Georgia (and we have the same exact birthday!) and we thought, “Why not go on Easter?” So that’s what we did today.

It was the most beautiful day ever. The sun was perfect, the wind was just chilly enough, and the company was great! We tried out Playalinda Beach for the first time. I will be going back. You can count on it.


I’m just going to show you all my sweet Instagram pictures. I also had coffee! My life is so awesome.

Hope every one had a beautiful holiday weekend!