About Jennifer


Welcome to The Pursuit of Sassiness. A place where I take some of what swirls around in my brain and publish it on the internet with a hopeful amount of levity and insight.

I’m what you might call a multipotentialite. I’ve been a writer, a therapist, an educator & administrator. I dabble in creating beautiful things beyond my daily 8 to 5 labors. I’m out to enrich, engage, discuss and grow. I’m not into frills and I don’t suffer stagnation. I enjoy long walks on the beach, TV marathons, Harry Potter, furry creatures and generally am cool with being relentlessly cheerful.


5 thoughts on “About Jennifer”

  1. Wonderful, lively young woman, I have to agree…..everyone needs a little crazy.
    As a midwestern, the vegitarian thing is going to be hard for me to deal with….I’ll see what I can do to find a Tofu steak that tastes as good as my New York strips for when you visit. No promises though…. I should be able to replicate the Cucumber Martini… every good steak dinner should start with a great martini and be accompanied by a decent red.

    Love ya Mom

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