About Jen

Well hello there wandering travelers of the internets. Welcome to The Pursuit of Sassiness. My name is Jennifer Bingaman. I’m a mental health therapist and writer based out of Seattle! I moved here in August 2012 after spending my whole life bopping around Florida, getting my education, finding myself, and getting several tans I will probably never see again. Good bye sunlight, I will miss you.

On this blog, you’ll find a Monday through Friday rotation (unless I’m lazy, sick, or just plain too busy) of posts on the topics of the mind, body, and spirit (plus the occasional life musing).  My content is intended to be lighthearted and fun, while discussing some topics that may be hard to talk about on occasion. As a therapist, I fully believe in fleshing out all the nitty gritty details of life and I try to do that here. You’ll read my thoughts on this world we live in and how I work to make it better for others.

I have a fair amount of expertise in learning to live a happy life. I spent a good majority of my youth wrestling with varying degrees of clinical depression until I went to counseling throughout the course of my undergraduate degree. It was there that I found myself, found my calling, and discovered a purpose in my life. Depression isn’t something that magically disappears, so I’m in a perpetual state of self-reflection, which I believe makes me a better person and a really good therapist. Like I said, I found my calling.

Out here in Seattle when I’m not trying to change the world one mind at a time, I do my best to lead an active, fun, and healthy life. I go hiking with that cute redhead you see in the above photo, I do my best to love working out, I eat a vegan diet (yes, I miss cheese, it happens), and I hang out with my friends and my cat. His name is Patronus, but he responds to Kitty.

Yes, he has a lot of toes. He’s a polydactyl.

All in all, I do my best to be the most authentic, honest, and congruent person I can be on a daily basis. Some days I do better than other days, but that’s life.

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If you have a post idea, a topic you’d like me to cover, a question, or just a comment, please feel free to e-mail me at jen [at] thepursuitofsassiness [dot] com. I’m currently developing my private practice in the downtown Seattle area, so if you’re interested in becoming a client in the near future – drop me a line! I’d love to hear from you. Seriously, I would. I promise.

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