We’re Moving!

All packed up and ready (mostly). Patronus is feeling very uneasy about all of this. I hope its his last move for a while. He’s really enjoying playing with all the random scraps of trash lying around and chewing the edge of our cardboard boxes.

Meanwhile, I’m already decorating our new house in my mind, staring with my home office. I’m pretty sure I will gratefully inheret a desk from Jesse that is emerald green and black from Ikea. I went on Design Seeds last night and started picking out palettes. I think I like this one most:


As you can probably tell, I like really loud, bright, and bold colors. You think this is too much? I was also contemplating black, silver, aquamarine, and this emerald green color. Something peaceful… I don’t know. I get design paralysis and everything ends up being a mess. I need a design goddess to help me.

In other news, it’s FRIDAY! I am so glad this week is over, mostly because the anticipation of waiting to move has been killing me. You know I’m just so patient (um, not). I can’t wait to organize the kitchen, decorate our bedroom, and figure out the furniture placement in the living room. I seriously LOVE that stuff. Can’t get enough. When I was in high school, I’d have nights about every six months or so where I’d just stay up until 3 a.m. moving furniture around and organizing my room. Did anyone else do that?

Oh, hey. Don’t forget about the puppies.


Make this day a good one, kiddos. I’m going to yoga again. Hooray!

Author: Jennifer Bingaman Mazur

I like writing about what I think about what I think. I also like writing about what other people think and what I think about that. Yes? Yes.

1 thought on “We’re Moving!”

  1. I love that color pallet! Seems invigorating! Which might be ideal for a work space.

    On another note, as someone who struggles with patience, you might like the following that I heard from a friend: The universe does not understand the concept of no/not/can’t. To the universe, everything just “is,” there is no “not.” (Sort of along the vein of there truly is no “bad,” humans created the concept of bad; to the universe everything just is.)

    In that regard, when we say, “I can’t wait,” all the universe hears is “I wait.” After my friend explained this to me, I started to physically feel aversion to the statement and now truly understand. It has gone so deep for me that I’m now rephrasing and re-framing even the thoughts in my head to reflect this concept.

    For example, if I used to think, “I don’t want to fail,” now I think, “I want to succeed.” Even using the word fail attracts the vibration of fail into my reality regardless of the context I put around it (though I believe the intention behind the statement is more important; and, the fail statement is one of fear, while the success statement is one of faith), so I’m now more aware of it and opt to frame my thoughts and words differently. Here’s to increased patience!! And happy Friday!

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