Meh Monday + TBS Thursday


My thyroid is off again. I finally went to a doctor and I’m all sorts of off the charts. This explains why I’ve been in the middle of working out I always feel the spontaneous urge to break out into tears and exclaim, “I’m worthless, this is hard, I’m a loser, everything is horrible!”

Granted, my workouts these days are tough. Jesse and I are on week 7 of Insanity. Let me tell you this… it is insane. I hate it. I hate it so much. But I’ll tell you what, I’ve never been more thankful for this hard work than Thursday night when…

Jesse surprised me with our monthly date to see Taking Back Sunday! It was the Tell All Your Friends 10 year release tour and it was amazing. I mean, it was probably the best show I have ever been to in my life thus far. Jesse and I used our new Insanity muscles to get right up in the front row for all the action. I stood on my tiptoes for about an hour and my chest muscles are sore from flexing my arms and elbows to keep people from over-taking me. Thank you, Insanity.

Plus, looking in the mirror lately is extremely satisfying. Even with the lack of weight change that comes along with hypothyroidism, I’m noticing and feeling muscles I never knew I had.

Oh, P.S. Guess who caught a drumstick? That would be me. Jesse got the set list. Pretty legit. I think we’ll frame it and put it in our office when we live in some place with more than one bedroom. I can’t wait for that day. In a studio apartment, if you make something messy, the whole place is messy. I can’t leave anything in the sink because I can feel the clutter from the living room. It’s terrible. I’m crazy.

Speaking of being crazy, telling yourself that your emotions are completely unhinged because of your thyroid while feeling emotionally unhinged is really difficult. I feel very fragile and it’s difficult to remind myself that it’s not me who is thinking and feeling this way, it’s sick me. It’s thyroid-defunct Jen.

Author: Jennifer Bingaman Mazur

I like writing about what I think about what I think. I also like writing about what other people think and what I think about that. Yes? Yes.

5 thoughts on “Meh Monday + TBS Thursday”

  1. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you guys are sharing a studio. Dustin and I are going nuts sharing a one bedroom. I moved in with him into his apartment and it has been hard sharing a space that was once only his.

    But, congrats on doing the insanity workouts, that is crazy! Go girl!

    1. Luckily, it’s a studio loft. So, not as bad. Still, things just kind of pile up when you go from living in a 3/3 to something much smaller. Thanks for the congrats! It’s been quite the effort. 🙂

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