Let’s Talk About Nothing

When you’re unemployed, TV is your best friend. The television is that thing that makes you feel like you have a life. You regularly interact with your TV and you look at men like this one on Netflix and all seems right with the world.

Yes, another season of White Collar has made its way to Netflix. My life is complete. I’ve already watched all of Burn Notice. Man, I want that dress Fiona wore in the finale.

Maybe someone ::cough:: Jesse ::cough:: will get it for me? Yeah, I won’t hold my breath. It’s a beauty though. I have probably five more days in which it will be wearable in Seattle.

I gave up cheese/dairy for Lent about two year ago. It wasn’t pretty, but I got through it. You know what was the hardest part? Sneaky things with cheese/”milk product” in them. Stuff you wouldn’t think about with random milk product in it. Like, cereal or tortilla chips. Something you’d be like, whoa, dairy. So now that we’re working on transitioning toward a vegan style of eating, I’m having to check all those labels again. I’m also wrestling with my love of cheese. It’s like when you’re dating someone and they are so awesome, but you realize in the long run they aren’t good for you. This is cheese for me. My body doesn’t like cheese, but my mouth sure does. It’s a wicked life.

I’m worried I’m going to lose my counseling skillz, yo. Like, I know it’s not like athleticism, but I don’t want my abilities to atrophy in the meantime. I’m hoping someone on my periphery will just have a breakdown and need someone to talk to about it. Just kidding… or am I? No, I am. Seriously though, I need to practice. Patronus is just pretty content with life. It makes it hard to try to sort out his problems.

If that isn’t contentedness, I don’t know what is.

Hey, guess what? It’s Friday, have a puppy.

Aw heck, have another.

If I could be any kind of criminal, I think I’d be an art thief. It seems like one of the last really good criminal activities that requires something other than a computer (we’ll leave all computer skills to people like Jesse) and mostly just some smarts, some cool gadgets, and people skills. That’s how it looks on White Collar, anyway.

If you could be any kind of person on the “wrong side of the tracks” who would you choose to be?

Please don’t say anything scary like a murderer or something else equally as awful. This is a fun place.

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Posted on by Jen Bingaman, M.A. LMHCA Posted in Randomness
Jen Bingaman, M.A. LMHCA

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Hi, I’m Jen. I’m a mental health counselor newly residing in Seattle, Washington. I strongly believe in the mind-body connection as the cornerstone of my professional ideology, along with the healing possibilities of puppies, a good glass of red wine, the smell of a new book, and the importance of travel.

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