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Good news!

I made a new page. Look up and you’ll see all the Case Files organized in one place. See what unemployment does for blog productivity? Too bad it’s still just a hobby.

So, have I mentioned I’m looking for a job?

Oh yeah, I have.

Every morning, I wake up and head down to my computer and boot up the most trusty job search engine in my experience: Craigslist.

Every job I’ve ever gotten since the dawn of the internet has been discovered on this website. I’ve tried all the other fancy ones like Career Builder and Monster, but they stink.

I’ve never had the opportunity to regularly peruse other city’s craiglist postings on a regular basis. In Florida, I always found posts like this one:

Stuff that just looks sketchy. Amateur models. Warnings to avoid women with the name Aashley – with two As, mind you. Lots of opportunities for sales and getting sucked into pyramid schemes.

So, here I am in the Pacific Northwest. The vibe is different, just as the landscape and the weather. So are the opportunities for employment.

Exhibit A

Now, at first I was like “Twinkies?” this sounds insane.

But, it’s just a bunch of do-gooders wanting to end childhood obesity. I can get in on some of that action. I’m passionate about that issue.

Then, I realized there’s just an abundance of activism. I see a lot of stuff about saving the Puget Sound.

Exhibit B

You open up the ads and there are a lot of promises for saving the world!

I want to save the world! I want to help the wildlife! I want to help prevent childhood obesity! I keep finding myself thinking, “Well, maybe I can do this until I get a real job.”

But, I won’t. I’ll keep chugging along and applying, applying for jobs. Maybe I’ll save the wildlife during my retirement. I certainly don’t want to subsidize Twinkies anymore.

Author: Jennifer Bingaman Mazur

I like writing about what I think about what I think. I also like writing about what other people think and what I think about that. Yes? Yes.

6 thoughts on “Seattle Craigslist”

  1. Oh my gosh. Don’t do it. They’ll make you go door to door and promise you rapid advancement and then you’ll get blisters on your feet because you assumed it was a REAL job and not one where you’d be walking all over the state of Vermont…or in your case, Washington. Then you might happen across a house where a sweet boy with Downs Syndrome lives and he might follow you for a few blocks and when you tell your training partner that you guys should probably bring him home and they refuse, you might call your mom to pick you up. You’ll find a real job. I have faith.

  2. I am also on the hunt for a job! And I was also just on craig’s list (at my temp job… whoops). If you need something to make you feel better about yourself click on the “legal” subtitle under craigslist seattle jobs. There are like 3 jobs posted a day, wah wah. Anyway, I did just start temping for a rad company for a few weeks, I got this job through Adecco which is a temp company… it might be something for you to look into while you’re searching for your dream job. I feel like just getting out into the world has been good for me! Meeting people, making connections, etc. Anyway, the temp co (adecco) is located in downtown Seattle and I’ll be sending some good job hunting vibes your way 😉

    1. Alright, so we’re in the same boat. That always helps when I’m feeling like I’m all alone in my employment search. Thanks for the recommendation on Adecco, I’m going to check them out this week! I’ll be using those vibes as I spend the remainder of my days searching craigslist. I’m sending some back at cha for your search. 🙂

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