Master and Seattleite

So, it happened. I am a master of counseling.

ignore the dopey face, the sun was crazy bright and that robe wasn’t too breezy, either.

The whole week was a whirlwind of goodbyes and farewells. I ate out more in one week than I have in any normal month of my life. I’m going to miss so many people so much, but it’s what happens when you live your life – it changes. It grows. You make choices. I’m happy with the choice I made. I woke up this morning next to my best friend.

We had a lovely brunch with my small graduation entourage and had a larger group that night all hit the town. So much fun and so much love.

Jesse also wins the boyfriend and partner of a lifetime award. Why you ask?


I totally cried. I was in shock. We’ve been talking about traveling to Asia forever, specifically Thailand. I’m so excited. If anyone out there has traveled to Thailand, please contact me with any suggestions or recommendations for places to eat or must-do activities and sights.

We got home so late last night, but I walked into this adorable sign.

See what I mean about boyfriend of the year? :)

Today was pretty wonderful and low-key. I got delicious coffee and applied to jobs. I unpacked my bags and put all my things in their proper places. I made us breakfast. I took a deep breath of gratitude and appreciated that Jesse and I walked outdoors for a few hours without sweat dripping down our faces. I held hands with someone I haven’t had the privilege to hold at my leisure for some time. I gave Patronus some good behind-the-ear scratches.

I’m glad to be back to the life I know and I’m optimistic about the other parts I’ll discover in this new town. I’ve got a great companion to help me along the way.

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Jen Bingaman, M.A. LMHCA

About Jen Bingaman, M.A. LMHCA

Hi, I’m Jen. I’m a mental health counselor newly residing in Seattle, Washington. I strongly believe in the mind-body connection as the cornerstone of my professional ideology, along with the healing possibilities of puppies, a good glass of red wine, the smell of a new book, and the importance of travel.

  • Warren Chelle


  • Michelle Whitmer

    I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed safe travels back and such a lovely homecoming! Good work, Jesse! I’ve already got affordable flights to Seattle on my radar, so keep me posted if you hear of any specials! I hope you have fun getting settled and adjusted, and give Patronus some rubs for me!

    • Jennifer Bingaman

      Thank you! Patronus was very happy to receive your rubs. We’re just being all buddy-buddy until I get a job and we don’t hang out for 8 extra hours a day.

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  • Annica Nord

    Congratulations on your Masters! Welcome to Seattle! You will love Thailand! I went there last Thanksgiving and my very favorite part was going to an elephant reserve. Actually one of the coolest things I have done in my life is feed an elephant. I highly recommend this place: They treat the elephants so well. It’s a wonderful place to support. We spent all day feeding elephants, bathing elephants, and learning about them and the Thai culture with the elephants and the mistreatment for tourists sake.


    • Jennifer Bingaman

      Thank you, Annica! That sounds like it would be right up our alleys. I can’t wait to talk to Jesse about it. :)

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