Lessons Learned About Yoga & Hair

This whole moving thing has been stressing me out. I’ve already written about how I’ve been letting things fall by the wayside, one of the big ones being my fitness. I thought on why I was so averse to going to the gym, because honestly it’s not really like me. Sure, I’ll skip a day every once in a blue moon, but I just stopped going. I realized the reason I was avoiding the gym is because I already feel exhausted most days in this final haul leading up to a major life change. The gym just seemed draining. I imagined myself feeling weak trying to pick up the weights. So, I determined I needed something restorative. Enter, hot yoga.

I’ve dabbled in hot yoga and Bikram yoga in the past and decided I don’t like Bikram, but I love hot, power yoga. I also like the calm, zen like yoga styles involving air conditioning, but I want a good sweat, too. I canceled my gym membership and I bought a monthly membership at my local yoga studio and I’ve gone four times this week. I feel great! I remember why I love yoga so much. Just in the last four days alone, I’ve had yoga press the reset button on my body and my mind.

Some lessons and reminders I’ve gained in my practice this week:

  1. Letting go of that which does not serve me.
  2. Remembering to breathe deeply – this is a big one for me. I am by nature a rapid, shallow breather.
  3. Letting go of a thought and not judging it.
  4. Imagining all of the stuff I don’t want to think about being tied to a balloon and floating into the sky – this was an awesome meditation! So helpful for some reason.
  5. Allowing myself to try and fall and know that it’s necessary to improve.
  6. Listen to my body.
  7. Be OK with where I am today.
  8. Share my energy with my neighbors.
  9. Judge myself by my self, not by the progress of others.
  10. Keep showing up.

I think most of the reason I like yoga is because everything I learn and practice in yoga can directly apply to my life. I am a high-energy person. My mind zooms at a thousand miles an hour and I usually like it that way. It makes me a pretty legit abstract thinker. Sometimes, I have too many thoughts on my thinking highway though and I end up having some traffic congestion. Yoga encourages me to dump some of that stuff out and calm the eff down. Other workouts rarely do that for me.

In other news, I spent an inordinate amount of time on Pinterest today. I’ve been feeling pretty neglectful about my lady maintenance and care lately. Jesse isn’t here, I work outdoors at an all-male drug treatment facility, and I’m alone very often. I haven’t worked a professional job where I was encouraged to dress like a classy lady (internship encourages me to frump it up, not surprisingly) in about a year. I wanted to look at cool girl things I could do. Naturally, I got sucked into hair maintenance (my weakness in regards to being a girl, I’m a sucker for anything that will give me awesome hair).

This devolved into a trip to Target.

So, naturally I watched all these videos and found this awesome blog post about ways to do my hair including proper teasing (you need a comb apparently?!), getting a root pumping serum, and how to get awesome beach waves.

As you can see, I excelled at the teasing part.

But not so much with the beach waves part. Turns out, my curling irons may have been made for small children (or they are old and unused) and therefore don’t heat up very well. I could probably have grabbed the barrel with my bare hand and barely flinched.

Like most women, I have insecurities about random things on my body. When it comes to my hair, I’m cool with the color and the thickness and texture. However, I feel I have a small, flat head which makes me have very non-voluminous hair (especially because it is naturally straight and fine). The front teasing didn’t really stick, but I kept the poof in the back!

Kinda boring, but that’s what my life needs to be right now. I want to have the luxury of trying to tease the life out of my hair and thinking about what I’m going to wear to graduation. Anything after that just needs to take a hike, because I’m all out of worry right now. I’ve used up my worry and I’m circling back to whimsy.

Author: Jennifer Bingaman Mazur

I like writing about what I think about what I think. I also like writing about what other people think and what I think about that. Yes? Yes.

4 thoughts on “Lessons Learned About Yoga & Hair”

  1. “Yoga encourages me to dump some of that stuff out and calm the eff down.” <– I laughed so hard at this. I have been meaning to sign up for yoga classes, too. I feel like I'm very amped up most of the time and I need something to chill me out. Congrats on graduation & your cross-country move!! How exciting 🙂

  2. “Be OK with where I am today. Judge myself by my self, not by the progress of others. me. I am by nature a rapid, shallow breather.” THESE! Thanks for sharing the yoga reminders, I’m pretty sure 23454% of them apply to me!

    Also I dig the back poof!

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