The Case Files: Drew Barrymore

Guys! Drew Barrymore is pregnant and married! I discovered this little fact while I was in the checkout line at Target buying more than the one thing I had entered the store to purchase. Isn’t that the way with Target? Geesh.

Her hubby is quite the looker. I approve, Drew. Good going.

So, after seeing this happy magazine cover and always being a fan of Ms. Barrymore (can I get a hell yeah for Never Been Kissed!?), I began to reflect on what I know about her. I know she has a turbulent past with relationships – I mean, she married Tom Green – but she also has had some serious experiences with addiction.

We all know of her stardom in E.T., but what some of us may not know is that Barrymore lived a surprisingly rocky childhood. It’s somewhat expected when it comes to growing up in the public eye, there is that cliché about child actors being a little unhinged. Regardless, I think we should touch on Drew’s past because she really has come quite far.

First of all, Barrymore is acting royalty. She was born into the industry with pretty big expectations about where she would end up as an actress. Unfortunately, her career as an actress led her astray very early on. By her own report, she had her first drink at 9, began smoking marijuana at 10 and delved into cocaine at 12. At 13, she entered rehab and stayed for 13 days before leaving to film her next movie.

A suicide attempt where she took a kitchen knife to her wrists put her back in treatment at 14. She went to stay with David Crosby, a recovering alcoholic (and a member of Crosby, Stills & Nash). Shortly after, she filed for emancipation and succeeded, moving into her own apartment. She also wrote a New York Times bestseller about her experiences as a child star in addiction.

Drew’s dalliances with substance abuse seemed to be behind her, but she also had a string of interesting – if not complete train wrecks of relationships and PR disasters. She eloped, dated, engaged, broke engagements, showed David Letterman her boobs, posed nude on several occasions, married, divorced, dated, and married.

Through it all, the girl got her work accomplished. She’s made a bunch of awesome movies I have actually gone out and purchased, which I never do. She’s resilient. Even with the haze of drugs, booze, and general outlandish antics in her background, she holds her head high. She has no shame and that’s something you have to recognize and commend her for, especially now that she seems to be in a good place, with a good relationship, and a little nugget on the way.

Congrats, Drew. You are rufus.

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Author: Jennifer Bingaman Mazur

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  1. Drew Barrymore has always been the actress I root for when times get tough for her! There’s just something about her that I love! Great case file!

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