Mental Health Awareness Month

Wow, look at my luck. April was Counseling Awareness Month and now May is Mental Health Awareness Month. I would say it’s probably just a coincidence, but it’s most likely not. Good job, people who make these decisions.

Some stats I thought you’d be interested in:

  • 1 in 3 Americans are diagnosed with a mental health disorder every year (75 million people)
  • Women are more at risk for anxiety and mood disorders
  • Men are more at risk for substance abuse disorders
  • Overall, more than half of us with struggle with a mental health disorder in our lifetimes

It astounds me that mental health treatment is still so stigmatized when the majority of us are working through issues every day. Baffling.

Anyway, just thought I’d let y’all know we’re not alone. Mental health is actually something none of us really haveĀ  grip on and why should we? Isn’t the point of life to grow and to understand and not just comprehend? How boring would it be if it was just so simple? How lackluster would a triumph over adversity seem if there was nothing to work through?

The issues we face in our minds are the ones that cause us to grow the most. We don’t start moving our feet to run a mile until our brain decides to do so. We don’t find the love of our lives without first determining that we are ready to receive love. We do nothing in this life without first engaging our minds. It’s only natural that sometimes the whole engaging thing goes a little haywire. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s something to embrace, recognize, and face with tenacity and determination.

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month. I hope we all make some great discoveries about ourselves and our minds in the next couple of weeks.


Author: Jennifer Bingaman Mazur

I like writing about what I think about what I think. I also like writing about what other people think and what I think about that. Yes? Yes.

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