My First Half Marathon

I’m alive! I crossed the finish line hand-in-hand with my ruddy (running + buddy) Sarah.

We finished in 2:31:37 with an 11:34 min/mi overall. Considering I just wanted to cross the finish line, I’m chalking this up as a major life accomplishment. I’m proud of myself.

It was just like another Saturday morning training run, except we were adding on 3 miles. No big deal. I guess that’s what happens when you prepare and train for something. Makes sense. If you practice enough, you’ll be ready for the real deal. I’m not applying this philosophy to marriage or death, though.

The special hand is just me trying to wave.

I had a couple of setbacks in my training. I’ve learned that I’m not the type of runner who recovers quickly from a run and I also need to take it easy should I get sick. I’m a little sore today and I had some uncomfortable extension feelings in the back interior of my left knee, but today it just seems like another day after a tough workout.

This was mainly a test of mental willpower and belief in myself. Once I got over the idea that I couldn’t be a runner, it became all about getting my ass out of bed to go running. It was never a matter of ability, it was simply a matter of how much I wanted it. How important was it for me to follow through with a goal I set for myself in July. How much it meant to be to be able to look at myself in the mirror and think, “I’m a bad ass mother fucker.”

Will I do another one? Hell yeah! Will I drink the running Kool-Aid and do a marathon? I’d love to! When will I do it? I guess when I buy the entry fee, since that seems to be a good motivator for me.

Cheers to the bad ass mother fucker.

Author: Jennifer Bingaman Mazur

I like writing about what I think about what I think. I also like writing about what other people think and what I think about that. Yes? Yes.

7 thoughts on “My First Half Marathon”

    1. Yeah, I’m contemplating signing up for a marathon in Seattle in June for my birthday. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I’m being quite the chicken!

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