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I am taking Career Counseling this semester. This is by far one of the most excruciating classes I have had to take for my master’s degree. I’m not knocking on career counseling – it definitely has its place in the world – but I just don’t have any desire to listen to people have unrealistic expectations of what sort of jobs they think they can do.

Me: “You’re results indicate you are an introvert who enjoys artistic and conventional tasks. You said your ideal job was a detective. Is that correct?”

Client: “Yes, I think I’d like to be in law enforcement. It looks so cool on [insert cop TV drama here].”

Me: “Okay, well generally those who do enjoy law enforcement are enterprising and investigative personality types. You will have to be very social and likely confrontational. There’s also a significant amount of physical training. Are you sure you want to try to pursue this career path?”

Me: “Okay, good luck?”

See? Not fun. In my job, I do a fair amount of college advising and you would not believe how many students come in going, “I WANT TO FLY ROCKET SHIPS TO PLUTO!” and I say, “Okay, what’s your GPA?” and they reply, “It’s a 1.8!”


Me: “Oooohhhhkaaayyyy. Um, well… you’re likely going to need above a 3.0 to get into your program and to retake almost all of your accumulated credits and get better grades if you’re dead set on being an astronaut.”

So basically, I spend a large part of my day being a dream crusher. Not something I want to be doing forever.

Anyway, we had to write a mission statement for my career class this week. Being a self-professed word nerd, I naturally agonized over it and asked a ton of people (including Jesse multiple times – poor thing) what mine should say. I wanted it to be funny, honest, short, special, mysterious, whimsical, blue, squares, starlight, walksonthebeach and unicorns. I was limited to five sentences.

Yeah, it was.

So, I finally buckled down and finished the darn thing today. In the end, I think it would be a great activity for anyone to try who is looking for some sort of direction, either professionally or personally, and enjoys being creative.

My mission statement?

“a life filled with enduring curiosity, mercurial happiness, and dancing when the music is good.”

Simple. To the point. All lowercase because I think it looks prettier.

What would your mission statement be?

Author: Jennifer Bingaman Mazur

I like writing about what I think about what I think. I also like writing about what other people think and what I think about that. Yes? Yes.

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