Now that we’ve covered the day of the anniversary, let’s get to the night!

I figured since San Francisco is quite progressive, there would be a wealth of options for us to consider dining at a completely vegetarian upscale restaurant. Behold! Millenium.

Oh. My. Gosh. This place was amazing. Unfortunately, it was really dark inside and the seating was rather close, so I opted not to take too many photos because I didn’t want to blind my dining compatriots with my flash. I took pictures of the food, which ended up being blurry, but trust me, you’ll see the deliciousness. Jesse and I opted for the Seasonal Harvest four course menu and it did not disappoint.


As you can tell, our meal was phenomenal. I mean, I was expecting decent, but this kind of blew decent out of the water. I got a lot of ideas for dishes I want to try in the future from our dinner. I hope I can recreate the mushroom dishes. Some things I loved about Millenium:

  • Our waiter left us alone. Our drinks were always full, our food was prompt, and our tables were consistently pre-bussed. There was no small talk or schmoozing for a tip. We were allowed to eat in peace. It was magnificent.
  • I HATE cantaloupe. I’m also not a big fan of tapioca. That being said, I actually liked the dessert, which was 2/3 stuff I don’t really like. The tapioca was cool because it was almost like boba tea pudding. The coconut was really refreshing.
  • The Moroccan Spice Grilled Portobello Mushroom was hands-down the best dish of the night. Generally, Jesse and I pick two dishes we both find appealing and then order them, eat half, and then do a swap. He got the pasta first, which was a little dry and could have used more flavor, which means he got the best bite for last from the mushroom dish! I love the best bite (and go out of my way to save it in every meal) and I was sad to see it go to his mouth, but I was happy he enjoyed it. I guess that’s love.
  • The sauces at Millenium are definitely the highlight of the meals. I loved them all.

It was a fabulous anniversary. I just hope we can follow it up in the next year. I say Thailand should be next.

I forgot to take a picture of Jesse and I looking all jazzed up and sexified at the anniversary dinner, so enjoy some extra pictures of us at the Fisherman’s Wharf.


Me = awkward, Jesse = well-adjusted and photogenic

Giant Seagulls!


 This was before we got coffee so we were quite chilly!

I think that officially wraps up our San Francisco trip. It only took me three days, which means our trip was far too short for my liking. I want to be writing vacation recaps for a week or more. See ya tomorrow!

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